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Inside the Ropes

Feb 19, 2019

Andrea Dobbs - Co-founder of Village Bloomery....and Rosy Mondin - CEO of Quadron Cannatech - chat with GoBlue of TheCannalysts, Jenna Valenieri of High Tea, and Nick Nedin of TheCannabisAct.


It was a long but utterly enjoyable day.


The podcasters who put this together want to express their sincere appreciation to...

Feb 19, 2019

The Cannabis Act's @IAMNedin and Cyto of TheCannalysts talk with Nick Pateras - VP Strategy of Lift, and the always effervescent Dan Sutton - CEO of Tantalus Labs.

Learn how to 'delight the weird' !

Feb 14, 2019

Dr. Jon Page - formerly CEO of Anandia, and now Chief Science Officer at Aurora joins Graham of TheCannalysts at the podcast mashup, and dial in all the science around cannabis one can take. Get your that lab coat, grab those safety glasses, and fill a beaker with your favorite beverage.

We hope you enjoy....

Feb 6, 2019

The always elegant Jamie Shaw of Groundwork Consulting and an ebullient Steph Ostrander from Keystone Labs chat with Molly and Dr. Jenna Valleriani at the Podcast Mashup at LiftExpo.




Feb 5, 2019

GoBlue and Molly talk with Chris Stone of Broken Coast & Ashley Chiu of Ernst & Young at the Lift Expo Podcast Mashup.

Two proper folks who took some time to stop in....we hope you enjoy....